Our Vision

We educate people to lead inspired lives.

Our Mission

We create an innovative, interdisciplinary and highly accessible learning environment committed to student success and a sustainable future for our communities, state and planet. Through the transformative power of the liberal arts, education in the professions and robust engagement of our students, we instill and promote service to others, preservation of the earth and respect and appreciation for the diverse peoples of our region and world.

Shared Fundamental Values

Through the sum of their educational experience at Bemidji State, students will have multiple opportunities to learn about, experience and reflect on the University’s Shared Fundamental Values of:

  • Civic engagement and leadership
  • International and multicultural understanding
  • Belief in the power of the liberal arts
  • Environmental stewardship

These core values guide Bemidji State’s curriculum and services. Not tightly defined, they invite interpretation and discovery.

Dimensions of Student Learning At Bemidji State

Core Curriculum and other programs use the Dimensions of Student Learning for self-assessment.

Intellectual Development

  • Higher-Order Thinking: Use critical thinking and appropriate frameworks for inquiry.
  • Knowledge, Value and Abilities Related to the Arts, Humanities, Sciences and Specialized Fields of Study: Understand concepts, ideas and theories from various disciplines and integrate knowledge, values and abilities associated with specialized fields of study.

Understanding of Self/Relating to Others

  • Values: Examine, evaluate and express values.
  • Communication: Present ideas clearly.
  • Human Diversity: Recognize the experiences and contributions of diverse groups and cultures.
  • Self Development: Demonstrate awareness of concepts, knowledge and actions that promote one’s well-being.

Participation in an Emerging Global Society

  • Readiness for Career: Demonstrate knowledge, ethics and abilities as they relate to one’s specialization and career choice.
  • Responsible Citizenship: Participate as a contributing member of a changing global society.